ESI Analyst
Atlanta, GA

Core Skills: Planning, organizing, and executing billable paralegal tasks in regard to e-discovery, software and other client-related projects; advising attorney review teams on advanced analytics options including TAR, email threading, near de-duping, complex Boolean keyword searching, and concept searching

Technical Highlights: Ipro, eCapture, LAW PreDiscovery, iConvert, iCONECT XERA, TrialDirector, Relativity, Westlaw CaseLogistix, Summation iBlaze, Concordance, TAR, Advanced Analytics, Camtasia, TextPad, Case Notebook, Page Vault, Tabs3, ShareFile, ShoreTel, FileZilla, CuteFTP, Aid4Mail

Certifications: Certified Litigation Support Professional, Certified XERA Administrator


ESI Project Manager
New York, NY

Core Skills: Ensuring that project goals are met and adhere to approved budgets; coordinating and managing projects from inception to completion; problem-solving issues and suggesting ways to improve projects

Technical Highlights: Ipro, DocuLex, TextPad, UltraEdit, eCapture, LiveNote, Adobe Professional, InDesign, Concordance, Sunrise Record Manager, MDweb, Allscripts, Relativity, DocuMatrix

Certifications: LAW PreDiscovery Certified Administrator


Forensic Examiner
New York, NY

Core Skills: Working with law firms, corporate counsel, litigation support managers, and paralegals to manage electronic data from collection through production; performing forensic analysis of digital media including computers, servers, cell phones and other mobile media storage devices

Technical Highlights: Relativity, EnCase, LAW PreDiscovery, Cellebrite, FTK, BlackLight, RegRipper, IEF, woanware, TrueCrypt/Veracrypt, Passware, Robocopy, Registry Viewer, Registry Explorer, Shellbag Explorer, Jump List Explorer, Gargoyle, MPE+, Oxygen, Aid4Mail, PowerControls, P2C, Emailchemy, Kernel Suite, FTK Imager, EnCase Imager, Raptor, Paladin, FastCopy, Forensic Explorer, MacQuisition