TRU Staffing Partners is a globally recognized, award-winning data privacy and protection staffing and career management agency servicing all industry verticals from healthcare and technology to retail and banking, and everything in between.

Our clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, Am Law 200 firms, vendors, consulting firms, and service providers. Whether we are helping to build a brand-new program, backfilling promoted talent, or augmenting an established team looking to grow or adapt to new challenges, TRU staffs positions from Chief Privacy Officer to entry-level positions with speed and long-term success.

Our team is made up of subject matter experts well-versed in the privacy industry who speak regularly with the IAPP, the ABA, and other industry leaders to promote the healthy, thoughtful, and successful growth of privacy teams across the U.S. and around the globe.

Ready to learn how TRU can help you build the best possible privacy team? Contact Rachael Haher, Business Development Manager, at 718.541.3630 or at [email protected] to arrange an immediate consultation.

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