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TRU Tips

Always schedule more time than you think you will need for a webcam interview. Uncontrollable connectivity issues may cut ten or more minutes off the appointment.

TOP 3 Tips To Avoid Defensiveness On An Interview
  • Be comfortable admitting you may not know something.
  • Never assume you are right and the interviewer/interviewee is wrong. Be open to alternative perspectives.
  • Err on the side of humility over hubris.
Tuesday, 21 April, 2020
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners 2020 Cybersecurity, e-Discovery, and Privacy Scholarship Program Winners

TRU Staffing Partners, an award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in cybersecurity, e-discovery, and data privacy, today announces the over 50 scholarship recipients of the 2020 TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program.

Tuesday, 21 April, 2020
TRU Tips

COPPA = Child Online Privacy Protection Act

TOP 3 Questions From Interviewers During COVID Crisis
  • Do you find yourself with spare time right now and, if so, how are you spending it to benefit yourself professionally?
  • What has been the hardest part of working remotely?
  • Would you like to have remote flexibility after the pandemic is over?
Wednesday, 15 April, 2020
TRU Q1 2020 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2020 is over, but the adjustment to a new normal has just begun.

In addition to providing the award-winning staffing and career consulting services that remain core to our business, TRU has tried to quickly offer help in other ways to our community, who are now all working from home. Read our Quarterly Newsletter to see how we can help you!

Tuesday, 14 April, 2020
The New Normal: How eDiscovery is Adapting to the Remote Workplace

How has the legal technology industry been affected by "stay-at-home" orders? What can you do to effectively work from home in e-discovery? What skills should you cultivate now and in the near future to position yourself for success within the industry during a time of huge changes? And how has the pandemic affected the e-discovery job market? Get answers to these questions and more in this webinar where TRU CEO and Founder Jared Coseglia sits down with Ipro Tech's Content Chief Jim Gill.

Thursday, 09 April, 2020
TRU Tips

Schedule team calls to start 15 or 45 minutes past the hour to avoid peak times. Carrier networks are less congested at these times.

TOP 3 Biggest Attendee Takeaways From TRU’s Masterclass On Virtual Interviewing
  • Give permissions like “You may see me looking at my screen and scrolling. I have your resume and LinkedIn profile up.”
  • Avoid soliloquy, and check in with the interviewer every 60-90 seconds.
  • Make eye contact the same way you would in person by looking into the camera instead of at the screen.
Tuesday, 07 April, 2020
The Art of the Phone and Webcam Interview

While there will undoubtedly be a hiring freeze, delay, and decay on full-time hires over the next few months or longer, employers across the globe will continue to seek and explore talent for future staffing needs or immediate contract demands through virtual interviewing. This master class offers practical and tactical tips on how to prepare and excel on a phone or webcam interview as both interviewer and interviewee. It is targeted at anyone who is adapting to working from home and will inspire the confidence and courage to master the art of interviewing or being interviewed for employment virtually.

Tuesday, 07 April, 2020
TRU Tips

ROPA = Record of Processing Activities

TOP 3 Privacy Skills In Highest Demand
  • Programmatic Management
  • Outside Counsel and Contract Management
  • Product Development
Wednesday, 01 April, 2020
How to Create a Work From Home Virtual Culture

Trying to adapt rapidly to a work-from-home model? As companies recalibrate their workforces, hiring managers have an opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits and challenges of managing remote human capital. TRU Founder and CEO Jared Coseglia has built and operated an entirely virtual staff spread across multiple continents for over a decade; additionally, over two-thirds of TRU’s contract talent workforce, who directly service their clients, operate remotely. In this masterclass presented in partnership with Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), Coseglia answers questions and shares his experiences building processes, deploying technology, and shaping behavior to sustain and enrich company success, employee retention, and job satisfaction working remotely from home. If you are a manager of people transitioning to virtual employment for the first time or someone working remotely who wants to elevate the work-from-home culture, this masterclass will help guide your transition, shape your thought process, and improve your team productivity.

Thursday, 26 March, 2020