Save 20% off the cost of certification with the TRU Affinity Partnership Code: TRU2017

TRU is a Gold Star-level recruiting partner of ACEDS, and as part of our ongoing commitment to education in the legal technology industry, TRU Staffing Partners is pleased to partner with ACEDS in extending a discounted rate on the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Certification Package offered by ACEDS.

CEDS certification responds to the need for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge across the e-discovery spectrum. It facilitates sound hiring practices, advances careers and gives a competitive advantage both to the individuals who earn it and to their employers. By becoming CEDS certified, professionals show employers they are equipped to tackle a wide range of e-discovery challenges.

The CEDS Certification Package includes:

- A one-year individual ACEDS membership
- Access to live and recorded versions of CEDS Online Preparation training
- A 145-page exam study guide
- The CEDS exam (a discounted rate is available for those who need to retake the exam)

In addition, as part of the affinity partnership, individuals who register through TRU Staffing Partners will have access to exclusive, geographically-localized TRU study groups and private networking events, and will also receive priority access to TRU's team of recruiters and career management professionals throughout the country.

To receive the discounted package, use the code TRU2016, contact your TRU representative, fill out a TRU application, or email [email protected]

Click here for more information on the CEDS Certification Package.

To purchase CEDS at the TRU rate, go to, click on Add to Cart and enter the coupon code provided by your TRU representative.

Priority Representation for SANS CyberTalent Participants

TRU has partnered with the SANS Institute to bring participants from the SANS CyberTalent programs direct access to its talent agents, job postings, scholarship programs and valuable market intelligence. “There is a critical need for information security professionals, which is why we have developed the CyberTalent unit within the SANS Institute,” said Jim Michaud, director of CyberTalent Solutions, SANS Institute. “We are excited to partner with TRU and its TRU Cyber division to help participants in the SANS CyberTalent programs find employers looking for talent with their specific skills.”

SANS is the most trusted source for vocational cybersecurity training in the United States. Their deep-rooted commitment to keeping our public and private citizens educated on the quintessential technology and knowledge bases required for defending and protecting data is the core of their culture, and their expertise and teaching staff are second to none. We look forward to meeting and getting to know the lives and careers of the SANS CyberTalent constituents and providing career counseling and placement services for them. Professionals in the cybersecurity field will have many opportunities in the coming years, and they will need someone to help them make smart, healthy career decisions. They need someone who knows what they do, the job market they specialize in, the challenges they face – particularly transitioning from federal to private employment and consulting – and much more.

In addition to working together on the SANS CyberTalent Fairs, the companies plan to collaborate on a number of other initiatives, including thought leadership events and white papers.

For more information, on SANS CyberTalent, visit