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Data Privacy Salary Insights

Powerful Job Market Metrics From Data Privacy Experts

Uncover the ideal compensation for your team, be right on the money in attracting, winning, and retaining your next hire, and get essential salary insights for your hiring strategy. Our detailed salary guide offers point-of-hire compensation data for various roles at multiple levels across data privacy employer types. Keep abreast of current market rates to secure top talent and stay ahead of the competition.

2024 Data Privacy Compensation Benchmarks

Get your copy of TRU Staffing Partners' "Privacy Compensation Benchmarks 2024." Get critical insight on total compensation averages for privacy roles ranging from entry-level to C-Suite, including how much certifications and designations bring to the table. These exclusive market metrics will help you win and retain the best talent, and make savvy career choices.

2024 Data Privacy Job Market Report

Get your copy of the report everyone's been talking about — the 2024 Data Privacy Jobs Report. With leading insights from top experts, you'll walk away with everything you need to know to build your next-gen data privacy team, find your perfect next career move, and set your sights on success.

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Explore new, noteworthy, and essential resources, research, and insights for staying ahead in the data privacy job market.

Eye on Privacy Webinar Series: Monthly Job Market Metrics

Join TRU for "Eye on Privacy," our monthly webinar series keeping you updated on the dynamic data privacy job market. In our first episode, TRU's industry experts will discuss the latest trends. Gain real-time insights on hiring speed, contract vs. full-time roles, remote work preferences, and more. Don't miss this essential webinar for job seekers and hiring managers in data privacy.

2024 IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey

2024 IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey

Get your copy of this year's 2023 IAPP-TRU Privacy Professionals Salary Survey. Partnering with TRU Staffing Partners, the survey report gives you leading insights from more than 1,400 privacy professionals from more than 60 countries. You'll walk away with an updated view and an opportunity to benchmark your compensation.

How to Get Budget & Buy-In for Privacy Program Headcount: Video Recap

Are you a General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, or Program Director/Hiring Manager currently advocating for budget for talent in 2024? Watch our engaging webinar led by TRU Staffing Partners’ Founder and CEO, Jared Coseglia, and Vice President of Business Development Rachael Haher, as we outline the vital strategies necessary to help you secure the much-needed budget to expand your privacy team.

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