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Our staffing experience spans nearly every industry, giving us a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship. Different industries require talent solutions specific to their vertical, and TRU cultivates niche expertise in the following areas.

Adtech & Martech

Today's consumer demands transparency into marketing and advertising practices, and control over how their personally identifiable information (PII) is used. From cookie consent to opt-in/opt-out, legal or operational support, TRU has privacy talent with experience in advertising and marketing technology. 


Big Energy likes big leaders and scalable programs. TRU is experienced in both executive placement as well as contract staffing to give our energy customers tremendous flexibility and seasoned expertise.

Food Service

B2B, B2C, and global customer satisfaction are consistent skillsets required for privacy, security and discovery talent in food services. TRU’s roster of talent experienced in this industry helps balance customer acquisition opportunity with regulatory responsibility in the general counsel’s office as well as in operations.


Culturally integrating and winning buy-in in the industrial vertical, whether services or goods, requires professionals who have worked in the space. TRU is adept at cultivating bench strength with individuals who have succeeded in this industry. The intersection of A.I., security and privacy, and logistics will continue to be an area in which TRU cultivates talent for our industrial clients.

Life Sciences

The nuances of data privacy and cybersecurity related to clinical trial research, or simply enriched HIPAA understanding, is what our customers in life sciences have come to expect from TRU Staffing Partners talent — and much more that's specific to the healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, and related fields that require sensitivity around personal health information (PHI).

Software as a Service

SaaS customers rely on professionals who possess the agility, flexibility, elasticity, and expert guidance to support their products and services, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DBaaS, cloud and digital transformation initiatives, and software licensing. TRU pre-screens SaaS talent for these specific qualities and attributes — and much more.

Big Tech

For customers with the largest and most robust existing talent infrastructure that are under the highest degree of regulatory and brand reputation scrutiny, including the EU's Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations, TRU provides extensive contract and direct hire talent resources experienced in Big Tech challenges and culture.


The intersection of finance and technology demands privacy and security professionals with an intimate knowledge of regulatory requirements and consumer desire for efficiency and opportunity. Many FinTechs are startups, and that also requires a specific kind of search. Whether building a program or enhancing one, TRU represents leaders and doers in this niche.


Understanding the regulations and opportunities surrounding geolocation, whether it's IP addresses, cell phone data, black box data, location tracking technology, or other types of geolocation data, is almost always required of talent in companies that focus on leveraging this type of data.


Mitigating risk and maximizing utilization are cornerstones of qualities for industries with years of experience in insurance. Whether privacy, cybersecurity, or ediscovery, TRU represents talent adept at policymaking downstream to dispute resolution.

Media & Telecom

TRU's media & telecom talent go beyond pure compliance in helping mitigate business opportunity risk. TRU talent possesses experience in advertising and marketing technology, compliance and privacy projects, TCPA (Telephone Communications Privacy Act), contract and third-party vendor management and oversight, and more.


Privacy and security challenges that threaten to damage brand reputation or inhibit B2C customer acquisition and retention are obstacles easily overcome with TRU's roster of experienced retail and consumer goods privacy and security experts. Our retail industry experts understand the complexity of gathering data for marketing purposes, avoiding proxy identified data, and creating value to the consumer by advocating for privacy and data use.

Casino & Gambling

Casinos face evolving multijurisdictional privacy  requirements, including regulations regarding biometrics, and many complex financial rules and regulations. TRU has privacy professionals well-versed in the nuances of privacy programs for casino and gambling, including compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and the nuances of biometric data protection.

Financial Services & Banking

Whether global or domestic, privacy/security or ediscovery, TRU’s financial services professionals offer your team expert guidance and support based on decades of experience servicing banks, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, financial technology, and financial institution groups.


TRU helps health tech businesses across the entire value chain, from start-ups in the initial stages of fundraising to established companies, recruit and retain experienced privacy, cybersecurity, and ediscovery talent to help expand into global markets, and create innovative products, devices, equipment, software, and solutions that enhance patient value and outcomes while remaining compliant, respectful of patient privacy, and resistant to litigation.

Online Gaming

TRU has privacy and cybersecurity experts that understand the IT Act, COPPA, CCPA, CPRA, and GDPR. We play a key role in staffing for our clients not not only the legal department, but also in building products, for talent that can work with engineers and lawyers and everyone in between effectively in an online entertainment or video gaming industry, TRU has a robust portfolio of talent.

Our Talent

Our TRU Talent has experience across a wide range of industries, so you can be matched with the right team member who understands the complexity of your business and how to add value immediately.

Data Privacy

Evolving global data privacy regulations mean meticulous privacy practices are table stakes for organizations doing business today. And consumers are placing more importance on data privacy and stewardship than ever before — making  privacy talent a top concern for executives looking to shore up consumer trust.

TRU provides talent solutions for data privacy — from analysts to program managers, from operational & tech specialists to C-level CPOs and CTrOs. In a world of rapidly evolving digital threats, we help companies of all sizes improve find the right talent to implement controls and manage risk.



Tap into the largest rolodex of ediscovery talent in the world. For your biggest fast-moving projects to your smallest staffing gap – TRU’s deeply tenured team works closely with you to match you with our credentialed, experienced ediscovery professionals — so you get talent when you need it, where you need it, for as long as you need it.

At every level from entry through executive, across every role and facet of eDiscovery work – from sales and project management to ESI and executive leadership – we’re here with talent solutions that support your business and vision.

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TRU was a true partner in building our department over the last five years. The TRU team got to know our staffing needs, our firm’s culture, and my management style so they could send me perfect-fit candidates. Successful placements resulted in happy candidates, happy managers, and little to no turnover.


James Bekier, Esq.
Director of Litigation Services | Baker Hostetler

TRU’s executive search consultants know what it takes to lead - and how hard it is to find a leader that can transform a business while driving performance. Thanks to TRU, we have a high-performing senior leadership team and a pipeline that ensures we’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer | Privacy Technology Organization

The TRU team is both efficient and empathetic to candidates’ goals & needs. The team took the time to understand where I am, where I hoped to be, and what I needed to be happy at my job.


Ruby Chi
Ediscovery Project Manager | Complete Discovery Source

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