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Apply for TRU Representation

We want to get to know you! Our deeply experienced recruiters use this set of industry-specific general applications and proprietary skills assessments to put you and your work in front of our clients and determine the best fit for you.

Applications &

Ediscovery Application

Interested in TRU representation for the ediscovery field? This application will help us get to know you and serve you better.

LAW Self-Assessment

For ediscovery LAW users, tell us about your LAW skills, experience, and expertise across 20 categories commonly requested by our clients.

Sales Performance Assessment

When it comes to sales, numbers matter - tell us about yours, your expertise, and your ediscovery sales experience.

Digital Forensics Checklist

Tell us about your travel availability, forensic tool expertise and skills, and more with this digital forensics collector self-assessment.

Cybersecurity Application

Tell us about your cybersecurity certifications and experience — and we'll match you to the right opportunity when it comes up.


Relativity skills are highly prized by our clients in the ediscovery field — tell us more about your experience with the platform across a range of use cases. We'll get your skills in front of the right people.

Canopy Self-Assessment

Canopy is the leading data breach response and privacy software in the world. Tell us about your skills in privacy, cybersecurity, and data breach response.

ESI Project Manager Questionnaire

Ediscovery project management is a science and an art. Tell us how you'd handle specific situations in our skills assessment.

Privacy Application

From entry level to Chief Privacy Officer — TRU wants to know about you and your privacy skills. This application will help us get to know you and serve you better.


Our clients often request ediscovery talent skilled in the end-to-end ediscovery platform Nuix. Tell us about your Nuix skills and we'll get them in front of the right people.

OneTrust Self-Assessment

OneTrust is one of the world's most recognized privacy management technologies.  Tell us about your skills in OneTrust software and solutions.