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ESI Sales 101: Talking about Your Numbers on an Interview

TRU Staffing Partners February 1, 2023 at 11:53 AM
ESI Sales 101: Talking about Your Numbers on an InterviewESI sales is always hiring - so the opportunities in B2B sales are yours to lose. Join this webinar to learn how to master the art of getting hired in ediscovery sales, from putting together the perfect resume to properly articulating your numbers and compellingly describing your book of business. Walk away with insights including:
  • How to structure the ideal ESI sales resume
  • The best ways to talk about your sales numbers
  • Powerful strategies to articulate your book of business during an interview
  • Exactly what the details and metrics you need to present
  • The most commonly asked questions in first and second round ESI sales job interviews
  • Tips and tricks to land the opportunity and beat out your competition
Learn from the best in the business, responsible for placing hundreds of ESI sales reps across the industry:
  • Jared Coseglia, Founder & CEO, TRU Staffing Partners
  • Sarah Roberts, Vice President of Recruitment & Account Management, TRU Staffing Partners