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LinkedIn Live: Talking Job Trauma on Interviews

TRU Staffing Partners March 7, 2023 at 1:55 PM

Employees who are the victims of recent layoffs are approaching their job search differently than laid-off workers of the past. Employers, however, often take traditional approaches when interviewing, negotiating, and ultimately hiring out-of-work employees. This webinar redirects the misconceptions many hiring managers have about the mindset of the current out-of-work job seeker and provides guidance on how both employers and employees can approach the interview process with thoughtfulness and sensitivity around job trauma while simultaneously using the trauma of displacement to enhance cultural, ethical, opportunistic, and historical values that each bring to the table. Watch now to learn:

This webinar unpacks:

  • How to navigate talking about job trauma if you're looking for work
  • How to approach riffed workers in a way that empathizes with their recent trauma and understands their position in the current economy
  • How employers can use this moment in acquiring displaced talent as an opportunity to show the strength of their culture, convictions, values, and employee benefit propositions
  • How to negotiate successfully for both employers and employees to mutually win

Speakers include: