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IAPP Privacy is Hiring! Tips to Recruit, Tips to Move

TRU Staffing Partners September 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners, joins Caitlin Fennessy, Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer of IAPP, Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Vice President, and Supervisory Board Member for Olympus Corporation, and Cody Frederick, Global Privacy Counsel at Aristocrat for a LinkedIn Live that discusses the state of the privacy job market. 

Privacy professionals are in high demand. In the U.S., a potential federal privacy law looms, data transfer rules are in flux and five state laws are entering into force in 2023. With so much movement in the U.S. and much more happening on a global scale, the call for privacy pros is at an all-time high. But are there enough professionals to meet the demand?

In this recording you will:

  • Hear from experts on privacy recruitment and hiring
  • Find answers to questions about finding the best candidate or position
  • Consider predictions for the months ahead as privacy continues to make headlines

Watch the LinkedIn Live here