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The Shifting Privacy Left Podcast | "Privacy Engineering Contracting: State of the Market & 2024 Predictions"

TRU Staffing Partners November 27, 2023 at 12:17 PM

Jared Coseglia, co-founder and CEO at TRU Staffing Partners, a contract staffing & executive placement search firm that represents talent across 3 core industry verticals: data privacy, eDiscovery, & cybersecurity joins Debra J Farber, host of The Shifting Privacy Left Podcast. We discuss the current and future state of the contracting market for privacy engineering rols and the market drivers that affect hiring. You’ll learn about the hiring trends and the allure of 'part-time impact,' 'part-time perpetual,' and 'secondee' contract work. Jared illustrates the challenges that hiring managers face with a 'Do-it-Yourself' staffing process; and he shares his predictions about the job market for privacy engineers over the next 2 years. Jared comes to the conversation with a lot of data that supports his predictions and sage advice for privacy engineering hiring managers and job seekers. 

Topics Covered:
  • How the privacy contracting market compares and contrasts to the full-time hiring market; and, why we currently see a steep rise in privacy contracting
  • Why full-time hiring for privacy engineers won't likely rebound until Q4 2024; and, how hiring for privacy typically follows a 2-year cycle
  • Why companies & employees benefit from fractional contracts; and, the differences between contracting types: 'Part-Time - Impact,' 'Part-Time - Perpetual,' and 'Secondee'
  • How hiring managers typically find privacy engineering candidates
  • Why it's far more difficult to hire privacy engineers for contracts; and, how how a staffing partner like TRU can supercharge your hiring efforts and avoid the pitfalls of a "do-it-yourself" approach
  • How contract work benefits privacy engineers financially, while also providing them with project diversity
  • How salaries are calculated for privacy engineers; and, the driving forces behind pay discrepancies across privacy roles
  • Jared's advice to 2024 job seekers, based on his market predictions; and, why privacy contracting increases 'speed to hire' compared to hiring FTEs
  • Why privacy engineers can earn more money by changing jobs in 2024 than they could by seeking raises in their current companies; and discussion of 2024 salary ranges across industry segments
  • Jared's advice on how privacy engineers can best position themselves to contract hiring managers in 2024
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