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Everything you need to know about the data privacy, ediscovery, and cybersecurity job markets.

White Paper: Top Tips from TRU Privacy Recruiters to Advance Your Career

As staffing experts in the privacy industry, TRU Staffing Partners’ dedicated recruiters are often asked for their best tips to advance career roles in the security and privacy..

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Top Trends from the 2021 Legaltech Job Market

The Statistics that Matter  The 2021 TRU Trends in the Legaltech Job Market booklet provides savvy leaders in the legal technology space with everything you need to attract and..

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White Paper: From Law Enforcement to Ediscovery Forensics

Having a career in law enforcement provides individuals with challenging vocations as well as stable, long-term employment. As you begin to consider your future, you might want to..

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The 2022 Data Privacy Jobs Report

Get your copy of the report everyone's been talking about - the 2022 Data Privacy Jobs Report. With insights from top experts, you'll walk away with everything you need to know to..

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Becoming C-Sweet with Twilla Case - CEO & Co-founder of Cytrex Cyber

Becoming C-Sweet In this series “Becoming C-Sweet,” TRU Staffing Partners founder and CEO Jared Coseglia sits down with newly minted C-level executives who are stepping into the..

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The Top 10 2022 Job Market Predictions in Legal Technology

2021 was an unprecedented year of economic growth, with staffing challenges at the forefront of nearly every sector of the global economy. Legal technology was no exception, and..

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