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TRU Trends, produced in partnership with ACEDS

TRU Staffing Partners February 21, 2021 at 11:00 PM
TRU Trends, produced in partnership with ACEDS

"TRU Trends" is a monthly blog, produced in partnership with Association of Certified E-Discovery Professionals (ACEDS). Posts will take on the month’s most important trends, biggest opportunities, and shifts in the ESI market that will affect ACEDS members and readership. Find the full series below!

TRU Trends: November 2021 reviews seasonal hiring in e-discovery and the opportunities for job seekers to turn temp to perm.

TRU Trends: October 2021 asks "What now?" about e-discovery sales talent looking for the next step.

TRU Trends: September 2021 talks tempo and how some employers are losing the race for talent.

TRU Trends: August 2021 looks at what candidates should seek in a job market that favors them but isn't producing inflated salaries as well as the struggles in law firms to establish popular in-office policies.

TRU Trends: July 2021 identifies a shift at the upper end of the e-discovery job market while middle-market and down continues to favor talent.

TRU Trends: June 2021 tallies all the signs that the ESI job market is continuing to boom.

TRU Trends: May 2021 breaks down the most candidate-favoring market in years, from compensation inflation to the struggle to retain law firm talent while returning to the office.

TRU Trends: April 2021 gives an overview of the e-discovery employer landscape and heralds the beginning of a boutique vendor renaissance.

TRU Trends: March 2021 heralds a spike in interviewing and encourages e-discovery project managers and privacy-focused programmatic staff to take advantage of their current demand.

TRU Trends: February 2021 looks at contract staffing and working from home, the two trends TRU saw define 2020, and how they will (or won't) change in 2021 and beyond.