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Contact Discovery Services Ownership Co-Founds New Women-led Cyber Company and Appoints Twilla Case as CEO

Contact Discovery Services announces the launch of CyTrex Cyber, a sister company specializing in cyber incident review, and the appointment of Twilla Case as Chief Executive Officer. Case, also a co-founder and partner of the new venture, began her new role on August 16 after an executive search led by cybersecurity and legal technology talent agency veteran Jared Coseglia, CEO and Founder at TRU Staffing Partners.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Twilla on our newest venture, CyTrex Cyber,” says Richard Albright, co-owner and CBO of Contact Discovery Services, and co-founder of CyTrex Cyber. “Her vision and overarching leadership will be invaluable as we look to disrupt an increasingly competitive market.”

Case echoed similar sentiments regarding CyTrex’s launch.

“I am excited to lead CyTrex Cyber. Incident response managed review is an area of the market ripe for disruption. Through the use of purpose-built technology, processes, and specialized skillsets, we are delivering more accurate results for our clients,” said Case.

Case has spent over 20 years managing complex litigations, investigations, and regulatory actions for clients big and small. Past clientele has included Fortune 500 companies and their outside counsel as well as universities and government agencies. Through this hands-on experience, Case became adept in the many facets of complex investigations and built a wide network of cross-disciplinary professionals within this space. Along with her business partner Jen Olmsted, Case envisioned a company that specializes in breach review and makes use of previously untapped resources to improve accuracy and efficiency.

“Along with my co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Jen Olmsted, our team of professionals is solving some of the biggest issues experienced in our industry,” Case said. “We look forward to making CyTrex Cyber a market leader by focusing on our clients and delivering high-quality work product for them quickly and efficiently.”

TRU Staffing Partners was exclusively tapped to provide a candidate who not only had a unique vision for the services and solutions CyTrex will offer, but also the ability to execute and run the business.

“Twilla Case is a one-of-a-kind leader whose career I have had the great pleasure of watching soar for over a decade,” offers TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia. “Her proven ability to take a new offering to market within legal, ensure success from point of sale to project completion, scale businesses for growth, and consistently win the hearts and minds of staff to deliver the highest-caliber results makes her and her vision for CyTrex the worthiest of investments to expand the Contact Discovery portfolio of services.”

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