E-Discovery Project Managers' Salaries Are Booming, With No Immediate Lull in Sight

A year after substantive cuts across e-discovery providers, the tide has turned with e-discovery project managers now becoming a hot commodity and commanding significantly higher salaries. As litigation bounces back and the supply of experienced e-discovery professionals continues to dwindle, industry observers said salaries will continue to rise. Victoria Hudgins turned to TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia for his finger-on-the-pulse knowledge of salary trends in the current market.


Earlier this month, privacy, e-discovery and cybersecurity staffing provider TRU Staffing Partners Inc. founder and CEO Jared Coseglia wrote that base compensation for TRU’s e-discovery professionals increased 22% in Q1 2021.

While the job market is currently employee-friendly in general, Coseglia noted seasoned project managers are the most highly sought after by law firms and e-discovery vendors.

“The bulk of the salary increases are in project management in e-discovery,” he said. “There’s increasing demand and dwindling supply of seasoned project managed providers with five-plus years of experience.”

Experienced project managers are negotiating annual salaries as high as $120,000 at vendors and $140,000 at law firms, Coseglia said. By June vendors will pay close to $140,000 for project managers and law firms will shell out between $160,000 to $170,000, he added.


Executive leaders and middle management, for example, aren’t fetching significantly higher salaries in e-discovery, Coseglia said. Additionally, demand for data analysts is growing, though employers are willing to hire candidates with little experience at smaller salaries.

“There’s a massive increase for entry-level or people with 12 or less months of experience, [they] have a tremendous window of opportunity to move into the business,” Coseglia explained.


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