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TRU Staffing Partners 2018 Cybersecurity & e-Discovery Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications

Program enters its seventh year, adding more expansive and voluminous partnerships with widely respected software and educational training organizations

TRU Staffing Partners, an award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in cybersecurity and e-discovery, today announces leading institutions ACEDS, Cybint Solutions, EDT, iCONECT, LitWorks (a DTI/Epiq Company), Nuix, OpenText, Paraben Corporation and Relativity are all offering scholarships through the 2018 TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program.

The program, which is designed to foster training and education for job candidates in the security and legal technology industries, is in its seventh year of operation and has awarded over 80 scholarships, totaling more than $100K in free education and certification. TRU’s 2018 portfolio of partners and their certification, training and education will be more expansive and voluminous than all six prior years combined. This year’s offerings will delve into diverse areas of discipline including mobile forensic collection, legal data analytics, processing of litigation data, cyberincident response and remediation, back-end infrastructure and application domain expertise, SOC optimization skills and technical attorney review expertise.

Applications for the scholarships are currently being accepted here. The following opportunities are available:


  • Five full scholarships for the ACEDS certification package, including live online training, study manual, membership to ACEDS and certification exam with one free retake

Cybint Solutions, a BARBRI Company

  • Eight full scholarships to attend the advanced CSAC lab, including 100+ hours of content and virtual machines


  • Five full scholarships for Certified EDT Reviewer & Analyst Course
  • Three full scholarships for Certified EDT Case Manager Course
  • Three full scholarships for Certified EDT Processing Analyst Course


  • Two full scholarships for iCONECT-XERA Web Administration Certification (Project Manager Training)
  • Two full scholarships for iCONECT-XERA Administrator Certification

LitWorks, a DTI/Epiq Company

  • Four full scholarships in 2018 to attend the Certified Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support Professional program
  • Four full scholarships in 2018 to attend the Certified Litigation Support Project Manager program

Nuix North America Inc.

  • One full scholarship for Nuix 101 and NUIX eDiscovery Specialist Training
  • One full scholarship for Nuix Foundations Investigations Training
  • One full scholarship for Nuix Engine API Developer 101 Training

OpenText, which recently acquired Guidance Software

  • Two full scholarships to attend the 2018 Enfuse Conference taking place May 21-24 in Las Vegas

Paraben Corporation

  • Three full scholarships for E3 Training Passport, which includes the E3 Fast Track & Mobile Fast Track trainings


  • Two Relativity Scholarships for Beginners, which include:
    • All-access pass to Relativity Fest
    • Training Session: “Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users”
    • One complimentary Certified User exam
  • Two Relativity Scholarships for Intermediates, which include:
    • All-access pass to Relativity Fest
    • Training Session: “Relativity Admin Essentials I: Fundamentals of Case Administration Training”
    • One complimentary Specialist exam
  • Two Relativity Scholarships for Experts, which include:
    • All-access pass to Relativity Fest
    • Training Session: “Relativity Admin Essentials II: Advanced Searching and Case Management Training”
    • One complimentary Specialist exam

“Now more than ever certifications separate individuals from the masses when competing for jobs. It cannot be denied that getting certifications makes you more desirable to most hiring managers. Acquired skills aside, individuals who take the initiative to certify demonstrate the self-starter cultural dynamic that is always prized when assessing for promotion or making new hires,” states Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners. “TRU is proud to have so many diverse and generous partners participating in this year’s program. Their inclusion speaks volumes about their organizations’ commitment to professionalizing our space, giving back to the community, and paving the way for talent to validate experience and learn new skills to advance their careers.”

On January 22, Law Technology Today published an article written by Coseglia, titled “Transforming e-Discovery and Cybersecurity Careers with Free Training and Education,” that looks at the importance of advanced training and education for existing and aspiring cybersecurity and e-discovery professionals in 2018. You can find the article here.

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