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TRU Staffing Partners, a leading search firm representing talent and opportunities in the e-discovery and legal technology industry, today announces they are collaborating with ILTA to create podcasts that feature the careers of industry experts. The podcasts are available at, and on iTunes.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to expose the diverse work history of many successful managers and directors in the litigation support and e-discovery industry,” stated Jared Coseglia, president and founder of TRU Staffing Partners. “This is a great way to give practical advice to aspiring and existing e-discovery professionals who want to move forward in their careers.”

The podcasts currently available are:

Karen Ruocco, Manager of Electronic Discovery at Grais & Ellsworth LLP

11/03/2011 - Interview with Karen Ruocco, Manager of Electronic Discovery

James Bekier, Senior Manager of Litigation Services at Baker & Hostetler LLP

1/24/2012 – Litigation Support Career Corner: Interview with James Bekier

You can listen to these podcasts at

Additional podcasts are scheduled to release each month and will be available on the ILTA web site, on the TRU Staffing Partners web site and on iTunes.

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TRU Tips

The U.S.’s state-by-state privacy regulation approach is creating jobs—and inefficiency.

TOP 3 Unforeseen Effects Of Increased State (Rather Than Federal) Privacy Regulation On The Privacy Job Market
  • Outside counsel will hyperextend their Data Privacy practice hiring to service the needs of corporations who cannot or do not want to keep up with privacy regulations in-house.
  • Contract staffing for privacy lawyers will balloon until federal legislation levels the playing field.
  • If and when Federal legislation does pass, the need for privacy pros may decrease due to the growing inflation of demand corporations face to stay compliant in all fifty states as well as abroad.
Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 09:53

Sarah Roberts will be presenting "Forensic Certifications: Why, Which and In What Order" with Special Counsel Doug Brush and Aon/Stoz Friedberg’s Nathan Mouselli.

Monday, 11 November 2019, 16:45
TRU Tips

Contract opportunities will surge in November and December as FTEs take vacation or maternity/paternity and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) comes into effect!

TOP 3 Busiest Times for Contract Opportunities
  • Landmark legislation: When big law (CCPA, GDPR, FRCP) comes closer to taking effect, companies bolster their teams with contractors to prepare and catch up.
  • Leave: Whether it’s extended vacation or celebrating the birth of a new family member, when full time employees take time off, hiring managers augment with temporary resources.
  • Large Projects: When big cases demand bigger and potentially more sophisticated teams, contractors become the solution to fill the talent gaps.
Wednesday, 06 November 2019, 12:19