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TRU Staffing Partners Inc., a nationally recognized award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in cybersecurity, investigations, e-discovery and data analytics, today announced the company’s TRU Cyber division successfully represented (Robert) Bob Anderson, former national security executive with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in his recent move to Navigant Consulting, Inc. as managing director of the burgeoning cybersecurity practice.

Anderson, the former executive assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber division, is now a senior member of Navigant’s legal technology group, leading the information security practice while simultaneously expanding the firm’s investigative and incident response capabilities. TRU worked intimately with Anderson in developing his value proposition for transitioning to the private sector.

“The private sector of the cybersecurity services industry is still in its genesis, and elite firms will be building or recalibrating cybersecurity teams – typically starting with leadership. As demonstrated by our representation of Anderson, TRU Cyber is perfectly positioned and committed to facilitating the career transitions of federal employees from organizations such as the DOJ, DoD, FBI, NSA and CIA,” states Jeff Scarpitti, co-founder and president of TRU Cyber.

“After running worldwide cyber operations for the FBI, I knew there was going to be a need for cybersecurity, information assurance and insider threat detection to help American companies keep and protect their trade secrets. I found TRU to be an excellent resource for understanding cybersecurity in the private sector, and it was critical to my success in transitioning,” shares Anderson.

To find out more about TRU Cyber or opportunities and hiring trends in cybersecurity, please visit the company’s website at or contact [email protected]

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