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Just because it is a candidate’s job market does not mean every candidate should expect a large increase in base compensation when moving jobs.

TOP 3 Reasons to Take a New Job Now Other than More Money
  • Culture, which includes an understanding and flexibility around WFH as COVID again complicates everyone returning to office
  • Training and education, which includes going to work for people who will mentor you and increase your overall skill set and value over time
  • “Leveling up” and leaving behind tasks and responsibilities that prohibit you from moving up the food chain in your industry
Wednesday, 18 August, 2021
TRU Tips

If you are the only person on a Zoom call not showing your camera, it may be difficult to get a word in.

TOP 3 Timelines for Hire in August
  • CPO: three to six weeks
  • ESI Project Manager: four to seven business days
  • Contract Privacy Attorney: 48 hours
Wednesday, 11 August, 2021
TRU Tips

Depending on the security skill you specialize in, expect five-year projected growth up to 165% and a significant potential annual salary bump, on average between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on the discipline.

TOP 3 Fastest Growing Security Skills (and 5-Year Projected Salary Growth)
  • Application Development (164%)
  • Cloud Security (115%)
  • Risk Management (60%)

Tip and TOP 3 courtesy of PCMag article "What Will Be the Highest-Paying IT Career 5 Years From Now?"

Thursday, 05 August, 2021

There are a number of unique challenges in hiring e-discovery professionals for government positions when compared to similar positions at law firms and corporate legal departments. Some challenges faced by government hiring managers are recruiting, lower compensation, examinations, long and sometimes mystifying application processes. This roundtable discussion will explore these challenges and provide some examples and ideas to overcome them and help find future rock stars. TRU founder and CEO will join the panel discussion on July 29 at 11:30am ET. Registration is free for ILTA members and $75 for nonmembers and can be found HERE.

Thursday, 29 July, 2021
Case Study:  How to Overcome Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring eDiscovery Professionals in Government
Thursday, 29 July, 2021
TRU Tips

COVID-19’s effects on the job market are causing an erosion in regional salary disparity as pricing of talent is more and more based on skill, expertise, and competition rather than cost of living.

TOP 3 Reasons Candidates Will No Longer Take a Pay Cut
  • For working remotely
  • For being located in a lower cost-of-living geography
  • For being promised a higher quality-of-life
Wednesday, 28 July, 2021
TRU Tips

As of now, no employer has asked for or required vaccine status prior to extending offers to new hires through TRU.

TOP 3 Questions Employers Should Be Thinking About Regarding Remote Work Policies This Fall
  • How will remote work policies change if COVID spikes continue but serious illness among vaccinated people remains very low?
  • How will remote work policies change if serious illness among vaccinated people rises significantly?
  • How will remote work policies change if a large cohort of vaccinated employees expresses discomfort working in the office with unvaccinated employees?
Wednesday, 21 July, 2021
Jared the Job Whisperer
Friday, 16 July, 2021
TRU on WCPT 820 AM Chicago
Friday, 16 July, 2021