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Professional Services

As an active job seeker, you're looking for competitive advantage during the interview process. But you may not always be interviewing through TRU Staffing Partners. With TRU Professional Services, you can now get the benefits of a TRU representative preparing you for interviews, reviewing and refining your resume, and helping you handle your own salary negotiations.


Work directly with TRU's Founder & CEO, a four-time Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company award-winning leader who has walked in your shoes and placed hundreds of C-Suite executives in the Fortune 1000, Am Law 200, SaaS and software space, and consulting firms all over the world for the last 25 years. 

Sales/Business Development

Work directly with Executive Vice Presidents or C-Suite Executives who have personally represented thousands of sales professionals, and acutely understand how revenue generators need to interview and negotiate differently to not only get the job, but get the best possible offer.


Job moves made in the middle of your career determine vertical and financial mobility for your future. Mid-career job seekers also face the broadest competition for jobs. Give yourself the advantage that others don't have by engaging in TRU representation to help you interview and negotiate.

Early Career

Job seekers with little to no experience in the workforce may benefit the most from job interview rehearsal. TRU sheds light on the "unknown unknowns" for first-time job seekers at low rates, and gives early-career job seekers the opportunity to practice their questions and answers with an expert. THIS PACKAGE IS FOR ONE HOUR ONLY.

B2B Outplacement

Invest more meaningfully in the success of your exiting employees. By contracting with TRU Professional Services at an organization level — whether your company or firm is planning a reduction in force, or simply managing cyclical workforce transitions — you will help departing employees move from feeling deflated to being empowered. This departing gift protects employer brand reputation at its most vulnerable moment.

Law Schools & Universities

TRU Professional Services offers individualized career support for your graduates. By partnering with TRU, you will increase the likelihood of your graduates getting jobs — and faster. Law school graduates will have unique benefit opportunities based on TRU's deep connectivity with the legal community. This investment in your post-graduates' professional success will provide tailored feedback and constructive criticism well beyond broad formulaic career counseling and resume revision vendors.

Why Work With Us?

Resume Refinement

TRU excels in refining resumes to help candidates secure jobs. Our experienced team closely collaborates with you, analyzing your existing resume and identifying areas for improvement. By strategically highlighting qualifications, achievements, and industry-specific keywords, we enhance your chances of standing out in a competitive job market and teach you how to use your resume as an outline for a future interview process.

Interview Preparation

TRU helps you prepare to be the best version of yourself in job interviews with unique rehearsal techniques and decades of knowledge of what works and what doesn't. During interview preparation calls, TRU representatives provide nuanced adjustments to job seekers related to articulation of experience and skillset, tone, vernacular, vocabulary, expression of personal ideologies, visual self-representation, and handling difficult conversations, and will boost your confidence along the way.

Negotiation Support

TRU will help any job seeker understand and evaluate what they can and should be asking for during a negotiation and help mitigate against the risk of losing an offer by negotiating poorly. With TRU's support, you can confidently evaluate salary offers, benefits packages, bonus opportunities, stock allocations, vestment timelines, equity earn-ins, and other aspects of the job offer to make informed decisions. While we won't pick up the phone and negotiate directly with your future employer for you, we'll arm you with all the intelligence and confidence to handle it yourself.

What You Get

  • You'll get matched with an experienced TRU representative dedicated to providing tailored guidance and insights for your specific, individual needs.
  • For mid-career, sales, and executive packages, you get two hours of dedicated, one-on-one time with your TRU representative to work on whatever you need — resume refinement, interview preparation or rehearsals, negotiation support, and/or expert consultation. For early career packages, you get ONE hour of dedicated one-on-one time to work on any or all of the above.
  • Your block of time (one hour for early career packages, two hours for all other packages) can be broken up into multiple 30-minute or 1-hour sessions. No session can be less than 30 minutes or longer than one hour at a time.
  • Your TRU representative will be available on a Zoom video call to give you the highest degree of personalized service, as well as set expectations for what a virtual interview will look and feel like.
  • Guidance on LinkedIn profile and presence optimization.
  • A polished & proofread resume, customized based on your conversations.

TRU Professional Services: FAQ

What is TRU Professional Services?

TRU Professional Services gives any job-seeker access to the benefits of working with a TRU talent agent. Your TRU representative will help you prepare for a job interview, review and refine your resume, and help you handle your own salary negotiations. Executive, sales, and mid-career packages gives you two hours of 1x1 time with an experienced executive to be used in 30 or 60-minute increments to discuss the topics most important to you. Early career packages give you one hour of 1x1 time to be used in 30 or 60 minute increments.

Who are the TRU executive consultants?

What specific services are offered under TRU Professional Services?

What if I need more time than the consultation hours in my package?

Do I have to be actively seeking a job to use TRU Professional Services?

What if I want general career advice?

How does TRU handle potential conflicts of interest between job seekers and hiring organizations?

What is your confidentiality policy?

How does this service differ if I am interviewing with a TRU client?

Can these services help me if I'm interviewing for an internal promotion?

What is your cancellation policy?

What if I need to reschedule my consultation?

Where and how do consultations take place?

Is there an option for payment plans?

Can I switch between tiers if my career situation changes?

Are these services applicable to job seekers outside the U.S. or those seeking to work abroad?

How should I prepare for my consultation with a TRU executive?

Does TRU offer outplacement services for organizations?

Do you offer any guarantees for success in interviews or negotiations after using your services?

Does my TRU Professional Services package expire?

Should anyone else look at my offer letter or employment contract aside from my TRU consultant?

How soon before a job interview should I book my consultation?

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TRU was a true partner in building our department over the last five years. The TRU team got to know our staffing needs, our firm’s culture, and my management style so they could send me perfect-fit candidates. Successful placements resulted in happy candidates, happy managers, and little to no turnover.


James Bekier, Esq.
Director of Litigation Services | Baker Hostetler

TRU’s executive search consultants know what it takes to lead - and how hard it is to find a leader that can transform a business while driving performance. Thanks to TRU, we have a high-performing senior leadership team and a pipeline that ensures we’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Revenue Officer | Privacy Technology Organization

The TRU team is both efficient and empathetic to candidates’ goals & needs. The team took the time to understand where I am, where I hoped to be, and what I needed to be happy at my job.


Ruby Chi
Ediscovery Project Manager | Complete Discovery Source

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