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Your one-stop destination for job market intelligence that will give you competitive advantage when hiring data privacy professionals. 

TRU Talent Solutions for Data Privacy

Whether you need an individual to fill a short-term vacancy, a direct hire to complete your team, or you need to start a private practice from scratch, TRU’s privacy specialists will connect you with a wide network of professionals in the privacy industry.

Knowledge is Power

Get your copy of the report everyone's been talking about — the 2024 Data Privacy Jobs Report. With leading insights from top experts, you'll walk away with everything you need to know to build your next-gen data privacy team, find your perfect next career move, and set your sights on success.

Monthly Job Market Metrics

Join us for “Eye on Privacy,” a dynamic series of 30-minute monthly webinars hosted by TRU Staffing Partners. Each episode features a rotating panel of esteemed experts, thought leaders, and practitioners in the data discovery profession, offering a deep dive into the most pertinent topics in the industry and the global privacy job market.

Real-World Data Privacy Salary Benchmarks

Get your copy of TRU Staffing Partners' "Privacy Compensation Benchmarks 2024." Get critical insight on total compensation averages for privacy roles ranging from entry level to C-Suite, including how much certifications and designations bring to the table. These exclusive market metrics will help you win and retain the best talent, and make savvy career choices.

How to Get Budget & Buy-In for Headcount

Are you a General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, or Program Director/Hiring Manager currently advocating for budget for talent? Watch this webinar that outlines the vital strategies necessary to help you secure the much-needed budget to expand your privacy team.

Expand Your Potential with Expert Privacy Contractors

Forward-thinking leaders augment existing privacy staff with contract and temp-to-hire resources to get every type of data privacy job done: on budget and on time — every time.

Solve Forward with Contract Privacy Talent

Leverage high-caliber, high-impact contract privacy professionals a la carte based on your specific privacy program requirements. TRU has hundreds of immediately available contractors and fractional talent solutions to accommodate any potential hiring need.

Hire a Privacy Superstar

Hire your new Chief Privacy Officer and have peace of mind knowing you've made the best choice. TRU's CPO Interview Playbook contains the most thorough interview questions and processes for companies who want a competitive advantage to hiring in the hottest job market in 10 years.

Hire Privacy Talent Today with TRU

Top Privacy Talent

Whether you need to fill a short-term vacancy, a direct hire to complete your team, or you're starting a privacy practice from scratch, TRU's privacy specialists will connect you with a wide network of privacy professionals.

Why Work with TRU

When you’re hiring to fill data privacy roles, you need four things: Speed, flexibility, expertise, and influence. TRU Staffing Partners delivers all four — plus a whole lot more.

Hire the Best in Data Privacy: What You Need to Know

Get the answers to all the most frequently asked questions by people facing challenges like yours — attracting talent, filling roles, and getting work done in a fiercely competitive data privacy job market.

Stay Updated on Industry Top Insights

Never miss a beat when it comes to all things TRU Staffing Partners. Whether it's expert thought leadership, top talent, top jobs, or our latest events, TRU's newsletters cover the topics that matter most with career and business insights handpicked by our experts.

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