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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 1 Recap

TRU Staffing Partners April 11, 2022 at 6:45 PM

Cue the lights, we’re back to in-person business in the privacy industry! TRU is thrilled to return to IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022.

It was a great first day in Washington, D.C., catching up with so many of our favorite clients, meeting with fantastic up-and-coming privacy talent, seeing what our old friends have been up to, and getting to know new friends, too. IAPP sponsored many types of networking events today and we joined every single opportunity, making the most of the face-to-face time with Summit participants.

We’re happy to report that TRU Staffing Partners is everywhere at this event:

  • We are proud to be a Summit Sponsor and are exhibiting in Booth #113 every day. Stop by and say “hello,” get professional representation from our expert team, or connect with a recruitment expert to start building your dream privacy team.
  • Check out the TRU & IAPP Job Board near the check-in desk for the conference. You can also visit the TRU online job board to see the latest privacy-related postings; then pop over to the booth to discuss anything that strikes your fancy.
  • Staying in the show hotel? Make sure you don’t miss TRU’s 2022 Data Privacy Jobs Report – we’ve delivered a copy to your room. Did you miss it or want an extra copy to take home? Stop by our booth to ask for another!
  • TRU was also part of the welcome reception, meeting, greeting and answering so many of your career questions.

Terrific takeaways from IAPP GPS Day 1

And we didn’t miss the opportunity to learn some valuable info from the best privacy pros in the business. Terrific learning sessions from this first day included:

  • Opening general session featuring Malcolm Gladwell, six-time bestselling author; Amy Gajda, Class of 1937 Professor of Law, Tulane University Law School; and Lisa M. Kahn, Chair of the Federal Trade Commission in her first public address focused on privacy issues as FTC Chair. The group of heavy hitting privacy experts weighed in on the ethics of well-intentioned technological innovations with uncharted ethical consequences for privacy and beyond. From the pivotal 1927 Supreme Court case Olmstead v. United States (did you get a chance to check out the original Olmstead telephone yet?) to the FTC’s priorities and focus for privacy for the years ahead, these three superstar speakers set the tone for a fantastic event. Missed the event? Check out TRU on Twitter to see a few takeaways from the talks. We're live-tweeting select sessions throughout the show.
  • AI for Privacy Professionals: Swati Gupta, Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology; Brenda Leong, Partner at; and Kat Robinson, AGC, Global Privacy & Security at Nike, shared strategies to evaluate production-level AI for bias and fairness, particularly as it applies to protected classes.
  • Designing for the Metaverse for Privacy: Attendees in this sold-out session learned from experts in immersive technologies from Meta, CyberXR, Washington and Lee University School of Law, and Brookings Institution about how to map the metaverse in a manner that bakes privacy in – including how traditional privacy and data protection principles apply, and where new equity concerns will need to be addressed.
  • Data Transfers Masterclass: covered new obligations and requirements on organizations that must now reassess the technical, organizational and contractual measures they have in place for transferring personal data outside the EU.

Stay tuned for Global Privacy Summit recap tomorrow 

Day One was capped with a high-energy five-minute mixer and an off-site Happy Hour at the Baby Wale.

But we can’t stay out too late. Tomorrow is a big day for TRU at the conference! Join TRU’s Founder & CEO, Jared Coseglia, for “From Privacy to Trust: A Career Evolution” at 4:15 Eastern in Salon 6, Level M2 at the Marriott. You’ll hear from experts at Meta, Dexcom, and Bolt on the long-term career objectives of Chief Privacy Officers. Jeffrey Dunifon, CIPP/US, Director & Counsel, Privacy and Data Security, Dexcom; Sarah Robinson, Privacy Risk Manager, Meta; and Jutta Williams, CIPP/US, Head of Privacy, Bolt will deliver a vision into the future where Chief Trust Officer becomes the new normal and the most sought-after role for elite privacy professionals seeking next-generation career opportunities.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 recap of this riveting discussion — and so much more. But first, one more glass of wine.


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