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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 2 Recap

TRU Staffing Partners April 12, 2022 at 6:45 PM

We were so excited for Day Two of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit that we joined the 6:45 AM Summit Walk & Run, which was a great networking event and an opportunity to see a few sights of Washington, D.C. That power walk got us ready for a very busy networking breakfast followed by a dash to the Exhibit Hall where our Booth (#113) awaited. Stop by and meet us if you get a chance!

To encapsulate the sessions, the word of the day was TRUST: 

The theme of day two at IAPP GPS was TRUST

First, the opening general session of the day was a buzzworthy affair, with Apple CEO Tim Cook joining the panel of already heavy-hitting privacy experts Zahra Mosawi, Ex-Commissioner, Access to Information Commission of Afghanistan; and Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice. Apple CEO Cook believes privacy is a fundamental human right, and tirelessly advocates for the privacy rights of users. Apple announces new privacy and data security features yearly that help protect consumers. This was Cook's first appearance at the IAPP, and gave the audience members (and those watching on livestream from all over the world!) an opportunity to hear his thoughts on the public policy issues informing the privacy landscape. It speaks volumes of Apple's overall privacy strategy that the company — which rarely if ever has executives attend let alone speak at events outside of Apples walls — chose the Global Privacy Summit to make their debut.A–Ap

  • First, Building Trust – Evolving Privacy Programs to Meet Today’s Consumer Demand was a learning session hosted by OneTrust CEO Kabir Barday, and covered how top privacy leaders are putting privacy programs at the center of their company's mission to instill more trust with consumers. The discussion with Zoe McMahon, CIPM, Global Head, Trust & Privacy, HP; and Stephanie Schmidt-McMorrow, CIPP/US, Global CPO, Prudential, covered evolving compliance programs from privacy to trust, and putting privacy programs at the center of a company’s mission to be more trusted.
  • Next, TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia moderated a panel session titled From Privacy to Trust: A Career Evolution with panelists Jutta Williams of Bolt, Sarah Robinson of Facebook, and Jeff Dunifon of Dexcom. The lively discussion considered how leaders in the privacy industry are considering the next career evolution and broader, more significant contributions to their corporations. The panel decided that there seems to be a clear path where risk, ethics, and privacy collide. Predictions for the future included how Chief Trust Officers will become a new normal role within organizations and how this role will be the most sought-after career move for elite privacy professionals seeking next-generation opportunities. Looking to make your next career move? Be sure to stop by Booth #113 to be represented by the premiere privacy staffing organization in the world.
  • The Privacy Job Market Roundtable was hosted by TRU’s VP of business development and account management, Rachael Haher, CIPM. In this well-attended event, Rachael pointed to the many career opportunities TRU Staffing Partners regularly posts for privacy professionals, discussed how placements in this industry work, and gave pointers to the many fantastic privacy job-seekers in attendance.

The privacy summit was action-packed

Other interesting sessions included: 

  • What Really Happens When You Call the FBI During a Breach?
  • A Threat Without Boundaries: Combatting Cross-Border Cybersecurity Risks
  • Designing Privacy Operations for Consumers Using Benchmarking, Metrics, and KRIs
  • Personnel information: Evolving US Landscape for Employee Privacy

    While all this was going on, TRU’s team of extraordinary recruiters and leaders stood by in Booth #113. You have one more day to stop by, meet the team, and get started on your career search or learn how we can provide you with the best privacy talent in the marketplace today!

    Last, but hardly not least, was the perfect way to close out the day. It was so good it ran well into the next day. The night started with the Privacy Bash. Everyone met in the Marriott lobby to celebrate the privacy profession with food, friends, and drinks. We had a ball. Then, it was on to the After-Party where TRU was one of the sponsors. It was wild (the music, the performers!), it was crazy (the free, open bar), and it was all for a good cause with donations going to support LGBTQ youth. Overall, a great day in D.C.


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