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IAPP GPS Points the Direction to DC This Week

TRU Staffing Partners April 4, 2023 at 7:45 PM

You know it’s spring when the IAPP Global Privacy Summit comes to Washington, DC, and this industry event never disappoints. Day One of the conference has been jam-packed with presentations, trainings, meetings, roundtable discussions, and nonstop networking. Global attendees are listening to high-profile industry speakers, taking part in exceptional sessions, and connecting at a furious pace.

The team at TRU Staffing Partners has a strong presence again this year—today TRU delivered a lively State of the Privacy Job Market Lunch & Learn, hosted a popular Meet & Greet Power Hour, and met and mingled with privacy pros from all over the world at Booth 711.

TRU & IAPP Salary Survey, GPS Day One Keynotes

At GPS today, IAPP leadership highlighted that TRU has partnered with the IAPP to create and deliver their biennial salary survey that will be published next month. TRU is proud to take part in the survey that tracks the overall compensation of privacy and data protection professionals around the world.

Keynote addresses from today’s general session included two well-respected industry thought leaders. Danielle Citron, a distinguished law professor, vice president of Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, and MacArthur fellow, spoke about the deep price we pay as a society for technology deeply engraining into our lives and how important it is for us to create a new reality where we are protected, and our data remains private. Nina Schick, author and founder of Tamang Ventures, delivered an expert look at the future of AI in media and how we can all understand the technological changes happening around us. Overall, AI was on the tip of everyone’s tongue today as many of the sessions discussed the burgeoning technology.

TRU in Conference Room 160

Today, the TRU team held two exclusive events at GPS. First at noon was the hour-long State of the Privacy Job Market Report for 2023 – attendees learned how fast the industry is hiring, current salary ranges for key positions, and the overall workplace evolution occurring for privacy job seekers and hiring managers this year. Following that lunch ‘n learn, the team gave job seekers and hiring managers the opportunity to meet and greet TRU executives at the TRU Power Hour Meet & Greet.

Download the State of the Privacy Job Market 2023 overview here. 

TRU Around the Conference

TRU talent experts also took part today’s sessions in a big way. Vice President of Recruitment and Account Management Jess Barre was a leader at the Women in Privacy meetup where women of all ranks and positions networked this morning and got to meet each other in a casual setting. Manager of Business Development Alexis Blank helped lead the LGBTQIA+ meetup that offered even more opportunity for privacy pro networking for job seekers and hiring managers. And after lunch today, TRU Vice President of Business Development and Account Management Rachael Haher led the Privacy Job Market Roundtable that showcased all of the opportunities open in the industry, what the future holds for this busy marketplace, and how the privacy industry is powering through the current economic climate.

Spotlight on New Privacy Industry Topics

So much of today’s GPS agenda focused on new technology, specifically artificial intelligence. AI was top of mind in breakout sessions, especially those dealing with privacy risks, security, and harnessing new technology to its best advantage – two fave-raves were Privacy, Security, AI, Oh My! presented by Kacey Lemieux of Microsoft, and The Challenges of Governing AI led by IAPP VP, Caitlin Fennessy. Other well-attended presentations included Diversity, Mentoring, & Development: Critical Elements in the Privacy Industry, that featured expert privacy pros sharing their personal views on industry diversity and the importance of mentoring, and Creating Value Through Your Privacy Program, a brilliant session on how to get your privacy program noticed and prioritized through developing a compelling business case, deploying a risk-based approach, and demonstrating the value of continuous privacy compliance to your organization.

And after a wonderfully long day of meeting, greeting, learning, and listening, everyone headed to the Marriott lobby to do more of the same, this time with refreshments and no PowerPoint slides. Tomorrow, GPS will try to top today, but it has its work cut out for it!


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