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Legaltech News: Legal Tech's Solution to Tighter Budgets, More Data Privacy Work? Contractors

TRU Staffing Partners April 25, 2023 at 12:30 PM

The rise of more data privacy contract work could ultimately help spur greater data privacy knowledge and skills within legal tech organizations in the near future, even as these part-time roles eventually become less prominent.

Despite economic headwinds, the legal tech industry has recently experienced a spike in hires of a slightly different-looking role: data privacy contractors.

Recent waves of layoffs from Silicon Valley combined with companies’ growing need for data compliance work have created the perfect weather for such roles to bloom as they offer more flexibility to both candidates and organizations.

And though such a trend likely won’t last in the long term, some recruiters say it could make data privacy more accessible to a broader range of companies going forward.

Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners, was recently interviewed by Legaltech News, and noted that while many companies are not hiring full-time, organizations are using contractors to solve immediate data privacy needs. 

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