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Calling All Cybersecurity Professionals!

TRU Staffing Partners January 10, 2022 at 8:37 AM

Thinking about a career change in this white-hot job market? The hard part is getting started. It’s a common misconception amongst job seekers that the process to getting a new job is complicated and never-ending. However, the wisest move, if you are a cybersecurity professional, is to work with a staffing agency that specializes in your sector.

TRU Staffing Partners knows the cybersecurity business better than any staffing company in the world. We specialize in connecting professionals with the best organizations doing business today. And we know the job change process can be overwhelming and intimidating. TRU Staffing Partners make it seamless, rewarding, and fast. In fact, we can take your job search time down to mere days – from resume submission to offer letter.

We have recently placed cybersecurity professionals in the following roles:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Digital Forensics Incident Response Manager
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Analyst
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer
  • Security Advisory Consultant

Why work with a cybersecurity staffing firm?

We understand opening your career history to a group of strangers can be daunting. It’s easy to anonymously answer job postings through a web app or directly on company websites. The fact is though, it’s just as easy for your resumes, cover letters, and samples to wind up in an email spam folder or trash bin with hundreds of others.

Benefits to cybersecurity professionals working with TRU Staffing Partners: 

Reaching out to TRU Staffing Partners will result in the following:

  1. You will be treated with professionalism and respect. Our team of placement professionals work hard to humanize your job seeking experience. We will work with you to review your resume and make suggestions to improve your appearance to potential employers.
  2. TRU will match your skills and interests to our burgeoning roster of Fortune 1000 clients looking for cybersecurity specialists. And with your permission, we’ll put your credentials directly into someone’s hand with special attention pointed to how your skills match their requirements.
  3. Once your recruiter has some roles identified for you, TRU Staffing will give you tips to help ace your interview and put your best qualifications into the spotlight.

How the placement process with TRU works

When you are ready to change job roles, visit our website: Applications | TRU Staffing Partners. Then click on the link for the Cybersecurity General Application. Complete the entire application —this will ensure we match your skills properly with open roles.

We will ask you for your IT credentials, certifications, educational training, association affiliations, and your experience with data breaches, security audits, and penetration testing projects.

TRU Staffing specialists work with both potential job seekers and respected companies in the cybersecurity industry. Our fully dedicated TRU resources take your application and documents and review them thoroughly. Then, we match you with jobs you meet requirements for, often before they are even posted. That beats being stuck in a stack of resumes any day!

What happens next for cybersecurity pros represented by TRU?

Well, once we line you up with interviews, arm you with important research about the companies you are interested in, and set up your candidate profile, conduct in-depth prep calls with you, and negotiate on your behalf with potential employers. Or, if you join our roster of contract staff, we’ll be in regular contact with you throughout myriad roles you will take on as your career grows over the years.

It pays to have TRU Staffing in your corner.