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Data Privacy Pros: The World Is Your Oyster

TRU Staffing Partners March 18, 2022 at 7:19 PM

Following worldwide mandates around implementing strict data privacy laws across every industry and organization, open roles for data privacy professionals have exploded. While it has always been a strong, competitive field, now we see roles opening by the dozens every day. If you are searching for a new career in this market sector, you might think you should apply using a web bot or directly on an organization’s website. However, doing either of those things is the wrong move.

The best way to proceed is to work with TRU Staffing Partners. Our staffing agency has a strong niche emphasis on data privacy career roles. It is one of our core focus verticals for full-time direct hires, contract work, contract-to-hire roles, and executive placements.

We have recently placed data privacy professionals in the following roles, at what could easily be considered warp speed:

  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Privacy Counsel
  • Data Privacy Officers
  • Program Managers/Directors
  • Privacy Analysts and Specialists
  • Privacy Engineers

Why work with a staffing firm?

Opening your career history to a group of strangers can be daunting. However, we treat your personal information and credentials with the utmost care and privacy. Without TRU representation, you are at an immediate disadvantage while interviewing because TRU preps all of our candidates and clients before every interview.

Our depth of knowledge of organizations with open privacy roles takes the guesswork out of where your skills will be the best fit, as well as which organizations will have the teams, room for growth, and benefits you are looking for.

Past that, we prep you 1x1 before every interview with what questions will likely be asked, what questions you should ask, deep dives on company culture, how to discuss compensation, and most importantly, how to best position yourself to get the job.

Resumes sent by TRU almost always get reviewed by our clients before any online portal submissions. Resumes sent through online portals have the lowest hiring success rates. 

Past that, TRU also maintains relationships with clients that give us exclusive access to job opportunities that you will not find online.

Benefits to privacy professionals of working with TRU Staffing Partners: 

  1. You will be treated with professionalism and respect. Our team of placement professionals work hard to humanize your job seeking experience. We will work with you to review your resume and make suggestions to improve your appearance and appeal to potential employers.
  2. TRU will match your skills and interests to our growing roster of Fortune 1000 clients looking for data privacy program managers, analysts, engineers, lawyers, generalists, and specialists. And with your permission, we’ll put your credentials directly into someone’s hand with special attention pointed to how your skills and interests match their requirements.
  3. Once your recruiter has some roles identified for you, TRU Staffing will give you tips to help ace your interview and put your best qualifications into the spotlight.
  4. Many roles in privacy now are contract-based. Contract positions traditionally help you bridge a gap in full-time employment, gain valuable work experience, and possibly “get your foot in the door” of a company. For TRU contractors, contracting has become a choice and a professional pathway toward earning more money in less time, while working on the most complex privacy projects in the world. For more on this, check out our Contract Staffing page.

How the placement process with TRU works

When you are ready to change job roles, visit our website: Applications | TRU Staffing Partners. Then click on the link for the Privacy General Application. You’ll see we START the process with respect: Our privacy notice is front and center, and we tell you exactly what we do with the data we request from you. Complete the entire application. It’s lengthy, but finishing this will ensure we match your skills properly with open roles.

We will ask you for your educational background, certifications, legal training (if applicable), association affiliations, and your experience with privacy programs, contracts, policies, product development, technology, and management.


What happens next for privacy pros represented by TRU?

Once we line you up with interviews, arm you with important research about the companies you are interested in, and set up your candidate profile, the rest is up to you! We’ll be rooting for you as you work your way through the interviews and offers, and we handle all the negotiation for you – you tell us what you want, and we will do our best to ensure you get it. And if you join our roster of contract staff, we’ll be in regular contact with you throughout myriad roles you will take on.

It pays to have TRU Staffing in your corner.

Where ediscovery roles are the hottest

According to Coseglia, executive hires are less than 5% of the total marketplace with these jobs going to sales and business development. The project management market for ediscovery (consultants, individual contributors, nonmanagers, and analysts) with about three years’ experience is the hottest sector right now, with 75 to 80% of all open positions hiring for these roles.

Most of the world’s open ediscovery jobs are in the US this year with a few in Canada (Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver). Europe has opportunities in project management and forensics, especially in Germany, the UK, and Ireland. 

Coseglia noted that TRU gets more applicants from forensics experts through job portals than any other type of applicant. Many of these pros are post-degree graduates wanting a way into ediscovery, where they can add value to an organization needing help with ESI data management.

Law firms comprise about 30% of the ediscovery job market right now. Third-party vendors and consulting firms are about 65%, corporations are about 5%. Corporations still tend to promote from within, and want a strong forensics background from applicants more than they want ediscovery expertise. Corporations are pushing work out to third-party vendors at a record pace, creating open jobs within the vendors.

What staffing agencies bring to the ediscovery hiring process

When asked for advice on how to hire and screen candidates more effectively, Coseglia simply smiled and said to contact TRU Staffing Partners. He explained that people often misunderstand the value of a third-party staffing agency. Agencies do much more than identify talent. Their real value comes in influencing the entire hiring decision, using the art of persuasion through the skill of relationship building. Employers need agencies like TRU to influence candidates to select one employer over another.

He said that 10% of a staffing agency’s time is spent bringing the right people in at the right time. That is a complicated web. Employers must be very forgiving right now and open-minded to the recommendations that staffing firms supply. A lot of thought and preparation goes into matching the right candidates with the right opportunities. On average, candidates have between three and six offers when changing jobs. Employers might not get their first choice every time because the competition is so fierce.

Coseglia advises employers to talk to a lot of people, trust their instincts, and look for recruiters who have some influencing skills to advocate your brand.

Quartararo noted that the job market today is not for the curious and asked if Coseglia could walk meeting participants through the timeline and expectation of how the process is working. Coseglia said TRU Staffing Partners warns its candidates that things will move quickly. Once a resume is submitted, it’s wise to be ready. Expect a call and an interview within a day or two, and then expect an offer within 10 days. TRU curates job referrals to avoid overwhelming candidates.