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Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Ediscovery Career?

TRU Staffing Partners February 7, 2022 at 8:26 AM

When the job market is as blistering hot as it is now, it’s natural for ediscovery professionals to want to expand their horizons and see what open positions might be an excellent (and profitable) fit. The hard part is: where to start? Although it’s natural to assume you could land a good-skills match, well-paying job online, the likelihood of getting an answer to a web ad or a posting on a law firm website is slim. And how do you know that your interests really match what employers actually want?

The best way to proceed is to work with TRU Staffing Partners. Our recruiters have a laser focus on ediscovery career roles. It is one of our core focus verticals for full-time direct hires, contract work, contract-to-hire positions, and executive placements.

We have recently placed ediscovery professionals in the following roles:

  • ESI Project Manager
  • ESI Analyst
  • Legal Software Sales
  • Ediscovery Product Manager
  • Litigation Support Specialist
  • Digital Forensics Incident Response Manager
  • Data Processors
  • Litigation Support Analyst
  • Relativity Administrator
  • Legal Services Solutions Consultant

Why work with an ediscovery staffing firm?

Opening your career history to a group of strangers can be daunting. However, we treat your personal information and credentials with the utmost care and privacy. Without TRU representation, you are at an immediate disadvantage while interviewing because TRU preps all our candidates and clients before every interview.

Our depth of knowledge of firms with open e-Discovery roles takes the guesswork out of what questions will be asked, what questions you need to ask, the company culture, how to discuss compensation, and, most importantly, how to best position yourself to get the job. Resumes sent by TRU almost always get reviewed by our clients before any online portal submissions. Resumes sent through online portals have the lowest hiring success rates. 

Benefits to ediscovery professionals of working with TRU Staffing Partners: 

  1. You will be treated with professionalism and respect. Our team of placement professionals work hard to humanize your job seeking experience. We will work with you to review your resume and make suggestions to improve your appearance to potential employers.
  2. TRU will match your skills and interests to our burgeoning roster of Fortune 1000 clients looking for ediscovery specialists of all types. And with your permission, we’ll put your credentials directly into someone’s hand with special attention pointed to how your skills match their requirements.
  3. Once your job specialist has some roles identified for you, TRU Staffing will give you tips to help ace your interview and put your best qualifications into the spotlight.

How the placement process with TRU works

When you are ready to change job roles, visit our website: Applications | TRU Staffing Partners. Then click on the link for the Ediscovery General Application. Complete the entire application: it will ensure we match your skills properly with open roles.

We will ask you for your work situation preferences, certifications, educational training, association affiliations and your employment status.

What happens next for ediscovery pros represented by TRU?

Well, once we line you up with interviews, arm you with important research about the companies you are interested in, and set up your candidate profile, the rest is up to you! We’ll be rooting for you as you work way into the interviews and offers, and we handle negotiation for you, ensuring you get the best offer for your new role. Or, if you join our roster of contract or contingent staff, we’ll be in regular contact with you throughout myriad roles you will take on as your career grows and you crush your growth goals.

It pays to have TRU Staffing in your corner.