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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 3 Recap

TRU Staffing Partners April 13, 2022 at 3:45 PM

What a wild event this Global Privacy Summit has been! We made friends, learned a lot, and partied a great deal. It’s safe to say that this event is BACK TO STAY! 

The response to TRU Founder & CEO Jared Coseglia’s panel session From Privacy to Trust: A Career Evolution was so well received yesterday. The fast-moving dialog, career stats, and helpful tips are sure to be long-term takeaways from this event for all attendees. We look forward to bringing you more of these discussions in the future.

Day Three at IAPP GPS 

Today’s closing general session featured two terrific speakers: David Olusoga, the award-winning documentary filmmaker, who talked about how early historical discoveries underpin modern-day strategies for collecting, managing, and protecting public health data globally, followed by Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and vice chair, who urged the tech sector to assume more responsibility and asked governments to move faster to address the challenges created by digital technologies.

Other interesting sessions included:

  • Assessing Your Company’s Privacy Practices in a Multijurisdictional World – this panel shared some practical thoughts around how to efficiently and effectively assess your company or organization against this rapidly shifting privacy landscape.
  • Evaluating Algorithms: Incorporating Privacy & Ethics – this session addressed how to evaluate new AI and ML projects from a privacy and ethics by design perspective, including what questions you should be asking.
  • Shaping the Future of Online Tracking – this roundtable of leaders in the realm of Adtech and online tracking discussed the developments and innovations being proposed, the importance of meeting individuals' expectations and providing them with increased transparency and control, and what this means for the future of Adtech.
  • Trust, Data Ethics, and the Role of Social Responsibility in Privacy – this session covered ESG and how Corporate Social Responsibility priorities can help improve compliance, support digital innovation and better investor, consumer and regulator engagement.

The networking and meet-up opportunities staggered throughout every hour of the Summit enabled us to constantly meet and greet so many of you. We appreciated all that human connection and look forward to touching base with you all when we get back to the office. 

In particular, after yesterday’s roundtable chaired by Rachael Haher, TRU’s VP of Business Development and Account Management, so many of you met up with us to learn more about educational and certification programs in the privacy industry. We appreciated hearing how so many Summit participants wanted to advance their careers, increase their earning potential, and elevate their leadership profiles with IAPP credentials. 

We were so pleased to tell you all that TRU is an official training partner of the IAPP. TRU has teamed up with the IAPP to provide training to meet your privacy professional development and career growth goals. When you purchase your IAPP training package through TRU, you receive a discount from the course fees, advance your career, and prepare to stand out from your peers while preparing for your next career move — whether that's a promotion or a job change. To get started amping up your privacy education, see our website, or contact TRU for more information.

We learned so much from all these sessions and from of you who stopped by our booth to meet us. This event included so many wonderful people. Everyone at TRU hopes to keep in touch with you as your career go-to advisors. We’ll see you again soon at IAPP PSR!

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