Exclusive Retained Search | High-Level Executive Placement

  • Fastest results and highest caliber of talent available on the market
  • TRU is engaged exclusively and no internal recruitment team or third parties will work on the search
  • Your search receives the highest level of attention among all active searches TRU is performing
  • TRU provides:
    - A search-specific “interview playbook”
    - Weekly calls with your account manager
    - Advanced periodic reporting on search progress
    - Custom interview matrix assessments based on your needs and job description

Annual Retained Multiple Hire | Flat Fee for Services

  • Predictable annual spend broken up quarterly for a defined total salary hire amount
  • Scalable extensions or renewals as needed
  • Priority access to TRU’s talent roster

Managed Staffing Services | Ongoing Staffing

  • TRU becomes your exclusive staffing agency in our specialized verticals of privacy, e-discovery, and cybersecurity
  • TRU provides our best pricing and access to talent
  • TRU directs a constant pipeline of talent to you, understanding and anticipating your needs whether it be for direct, contract, or contract-to-hire models

Contingent Staffing | Traditional, Fee-Based Placement

  • For employing direct hires in a traditional staffing firm model
  • Fee-based placement services

Contract Staffing | Most Flexible

  • Contractors remain on TRU’s payroll, relieving your organization of long-term risk and uncertainty while our contractors enjoy the stability of the TRU benefits package
  • Allows for immediate scalability or recalibration of your organization based on client growth or project-based demands
  • TRU contractors are on call for anything from plug-n-play emergencies that last a day or long-term projects that may last months or years

TRU knows more people in our industries than any agency in the world. Stop searching, start interviewing. Contact Business Development Manager Rachael Haher if you have an open position that needs filling or, if you are searching for your next career move, fill out an application today.