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Everything you need to know about the data privacy, ediscovery, and cybersecurity job markets.


Part 1: Everything You Wanted to Know About Data Privacy But Were Afraid to Ask

Recently, TRU Staffing Partners Founder and CEO Jared Coseglia was featured on The Art Lewis Show, a talk-radio program that is part of the WSGW Morning Team in Saginaw, Michigan...

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Window Closing for ESI PMs to Leverage the Hottest Job Market in 20 Years

Experienced ediscovery professionals, such as project managers, analytics specialists, and broadly litigation support professionals, are on top of the world right now. This..

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Top Trends from the 2021 Legaltech Job Market

The Statistics that Matter  The 2021 TRU Trends in the Legaltech Job Market booklet provides savvy leaders in the legal technology space with everything you need to attract and..

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TRU Tips | April 2022

Introduction The TRU Staffing Partners Hot Jobs newsletter provides readers with a weekly tip for our professionals and hiring managers in the data privacy, ediscovery, and..

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 3 Recap

What a wild event this Global Privacy Summit has been! We made friends, learned a lot, and partied a great deal. It’s safe to say that this event is BACK TO STAY!  The response to..

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 2 Recap

We were so excited for Day Two of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit that we joined the 6:45 AM Summit Walk & Run, which was a great networking event and an opportunity to see a few..

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022: Day 1 Recap

Cue the lights, we’re back to in-person business in the privacy industry! TRU is thrilled to return to IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022. It was a great first day in Washington,..

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Deep Dive: Technology's Impact on Job Requirements for Data Privacy

What technology do data privacy pros need to know now, and what technology should they be thinking about for the future? Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners,..

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TRU Makes Job Searching Easier - Again!

We get it – hiring in 2022 is not the same as it was before the pandemic. There are new considerations, new policies and permissions, and new work environments. Speed of hire has..

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