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TRU Tips | May 2023

TRU Staffing Partners May 31, 2023 at 8:00 AM

The TRU Staffing Partners Hot Jobs newsletter provides readers with a weekly tip for our professionals and hiring managers in the data privacy, ediscovery, and cybersecurity spaces. With more than 12 years of experience in staffing and recruiting for our industries, our TRU Tips are relevant and crucial for anyone hiring or job hunting in our communities.

May 3rd, 2023

Ediscovery sales reps are getting hired more aggressively and faster in Q2 of 2023 because Q2 sales hires still have an opportunity to impact the business this calendar year.

Top 3 reasons why there are fewer job seekers in 2023 than in 2022/2021:

  1. Nearly half to 2/3 of the industry switched jobs since the pandemic and are less likely to seek jobs again so quickly.
  2. Passive job seekers have concerns about a potential recession and being “last one in first one out“ termination potential.

  3. Current out-of-work job seekers in data privacy and ediscovery consist of top-end, experienced, and ultimately more expensive talent. There are fewer jobs at the top of the market than in the middle.

May 10th, 2023 

The rise of data privacy contract work will ultimately spur greater privacy knowledge and skills within organizations in the near future, according to a recent Legaltech News article.

Top 3 reasons why the legal tech industry has recently experienced a spike in hires of data privacy contractors:

  1. Recent Big Tech and broadly corporate layoffs have provided hiring managers with a bigger pool of available ad hoc talent.

  2. As more organizations are required to incorporate privacy into operations, fractional talent leverage becomes necessary when full-time resources wouldn't be utilized fully yet.

  3. Contract roles offer more flexibility for both job seekers and organizations, something both want during an uncertain economy.

May 17th, 2023

The 7-city law firm average occupancy average rose more than four points in the last four weeks, from 59.8% to 63.2% occupancy. Tuesdays and Wednesdays lead the way at nearly 75% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Top 3 TRU Trends from Q1 2023:

  1. There are fewer open jobs than in Q1 of 2023, but there are also fewer job seekers.

  2. There was more job movement in April than in March.

  3. Most jobs are mid-market openings at $120-175K base compensation. 

May 24th, 2023

About 75% of TRU’s customers looking for talent with Relativity skill sets request that TRU's Relativity self-assessments accompany resumes prior to interviewing a job seeker. Fill out the self-assessment here.

Top 3 TRU Tips for Job Seekers Upskilling in Relativity:

  1. "Expert Class" in analytics gives job seekers a leg up in the marketplace in volume of opportunities and increased compensation.

  2. Job seekers looking to become indispensable should dive deeper into strategic, project manager level review skills.

  3.  Job seekers are leveling up their processing skills — small to midsize organizations may require advanced processing skills.

May 31st, 2023

The semi-annual IAPP & TRU Privacy Professionals Salary Survey was published, delivering proprietary insights from more than 1,400 privacy professionals from more than 60 countries. Download your copy here.

Top 3 Privacy Salary Insights:

  1. U.S. privacy pros make 55% more on average compared to their European counterparts.

  2. Respondents with any IAPP certification earned 13% more than those without, and those with multiple certifications earned 27% more.

  3. Only 5% of respondents are fully office-based, with 69% working from home more often than the office, and 40% working remotely full-time.